Thursday, September 30, 2010


I guess I want to start posting some of Emma's favorite things. I got her these Alphabeasties: Flash Cards a while ago and she loves going through them and learning the animals. She will bring one to you no matter where you are and tell you what the animal is and she will not walk away until you tell her if she is right. She loves to get accolades. The great things about these is that you can put them all together to create one large image. They are awesome and she has used them so much I need to buy some more. Apparently redesigned and made to look hip flashcards are all the rave b/c while I was at Anthropologie the other day I saw how there are so many to choose from now, from Charley Harper to Eric Carle to Lisa DeJohn. BTW, I just discovered Lisa DeJohn and I heart her animal prints and really loved her alphabet cards. Grandma did buy her some Eric Carle number flash cards as Emma loves to count. I have been teaching her to count her toes and it is so cute to hear her count in another room. She will sit down and start with her pinkie grabbing each toe and work her way up to the big toe. She doesn't get the numbers right and for some reason she loves the number nine, so this is how she counts"nine, six, nine nine nine" Too cute!

I've compiled some of my favorite Flashcards. I really love the bilingual ones by Sarah Wilkins.

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