Friday, October 1, 2010

The big day!!

come on grandma, keep up

I am emma hear me roar!

since there are hardly any Olivia decorations out there, Ant used a princess pinata as his foundation
alright, remember I call dibbs on the hersheys

oh, what's that?

It still seems so unreal and as if it were both yesterday yet a lifetime ago that Emma came into our lives. She is now two and such a wonderful little person. She truly is her own self and I am in awe of her independence and zest for life. She is an adventurer and risk taker yet still asks for her moma when the howling wind awakens her slumber. She now makes the cutest face, a "puchero" when she is told she cannot have something. She furrows her brow and pouts her lips, it is beyond adorable! The ninja had her Olivia themed party this past Saturday and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. I was afraid for rain being as how we went to to Florida to celebrate with family. Luckily there was no rain and it wasnt unbearably hot, just slightly humid. I found the perfect spot under some trees that offered us wonderful shade and a cool breeze. I had it at the Kate Jackson Park in Historic Hyde Park of Tampa and it is the sweetest park. They have a rather large playground to one side and then this fountain where little kids can run around int the water. Emma being an aquatic creature wanted to go to the agua right away and I was so afraid she would be running wild and throwing fits but she amazed me. She behaved so well and understood after a while that the water would have to wait. She mingled so well with the wee ones and sat down to color and eat with er friends. Then it was time for the water and it was lovely to see all the kids running around and enjoying the great Florida weather. Emma along with her mates had run themselves tired. We quickly did the cake and finally the pinata. I decide to open gifts at home since it was getting late and there is only so much two year olds and their parents can take.

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