Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boo doll update.

I started making her yesterday so I could get the feel for the doll and materials and was breezing through all the steps until I got to the stitching of the ears and embroidering of the face. My doll has the face of a demented old circus monkey and I just will use her as my test dummy. The main thing now is I have complete faith that I will have a completed doll with the hopes of giving it a sweet face by Sunday, Halloween. I want to remind all that my promise was to have a completed doll and I cant help it if it is more of a gargoyle that will watch over our home than a doll Emma will play with.

side is really hard tyring to accomplish things especially things I have never tried before. Props out to all those happy mad crafters out there, especially if you are a mom!! It is much harder to sew than I thought. I also realize that I need to pick ONE thing and focus on doing that one thing well. I just cant be learning how to make cake pops, decorate pretzels and learning how to stitch all in one month. But I have put forth a brave effort. I realize that eventhough I love baking, I really want to make sewing and stitching my top priority. I truly enjoy making things for Emma so we shall see what happens for turkey day and Xmas!

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