Friday, October 29, 2010


emma grabbed her own little shopping bag as we head to Target

this is another example of how Emma helps me while I bake. Don't mind the nasty cat bowl...he had just eaten breakfast

Emma's sitter called out sick and as I hung up with her I couldnt help buts smile. I was so happy to have a reason to take a vacation day that didnt require me getting on a plane to see family. I was so tired and needing/wanting a day to just stay home. It was as if GOd heard my prayers. So yesterday was a dream, I woke up and had breakfast with E in peace, I baked cupcakes while she listend to her new Yo Gabba Gabba cd. It was heaven! Then we went to Target and before you knew it, it was nap time. So that was my day yesterday...quiet, in the kitchen, resting....good times.

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