Friday, October 8, 2010

some mornings...

and strut

I love how happy she is

...are a dream. Emma was just so wonderful today. My heart was bursting with love. She woke up in a good mood, sucked her milk down and then let me change her diaper. She likes to act silly when I try to dress her. Once I got her outfit on, I asked if she wanted breakfast. She said "ok" and grabbed my hand and led the way towards the kitchen. She LED me! She stopped at her highchair and said "cereal". I gave her the oatmeal and had to get ready, as I was running late as usual. From the bathroom I could hear her yelling "all done, all done!" I went to the kitchen to bring her down and Emma had placed her empty bowl on the kitchen table and was sitting patiently for me to get her down. She was actually pretty clean and only had a drop of oatmeal in her shirt. She then went to the living room and sat at the coffee table and started coloring. ON her own, so focused. We have to pick up her nanny from the bus station and Emma just sat in the car reading her Toy Story book. She has been so loving lately. She asks for me and cries when she doesn't see me, she takes my hand and I just love that feeling. Her nanny actually told me yesterday that Emma is a great kid, very tranquil and obeying. I was laughing because with me she is the opposite. I guess it is true how kids behave for others and then act out with their parents. Something about feeling safe with their parents. Anyway, she is my love and I love spending time with her.

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