Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween treat table.

my pom poms

arial view of treats-terrible lighting

pumpkin tower and chocolate covered pretzels

straw toppers I made with left over Olivia straws

I love my little rats

I love how the owl on the plate is giving the rat the stink eye

my dry cupcakes, but they look nice

warm yellow mood lighting, totally intentional ...

cake pops-yummers

So Halloween is one week away and I feel like this month is flying by. I have yet to complete Emma's costume and her doll! I was up late baking and even though I'm tired, I'm happy to be tired having done something I love and enjoy. My cupcakes were really dry but Emma's sitter said they were delicious...So tonight I will redo using my secret weapon!! Anyway, I put together a little sweet table station for some close family members. I just love putting tables together! The pics are not that great as I am fighting with this terrible lense I have but you get the gist. I am working on two other projects and hope they come out in time, otherwise ill be out some sewious cash!

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