Wednesday, October 20, 2010


trying to squeeze in some pilates at the Storm King

It has been a struggle to lose the baby weight, even now, 2 years later. I am exactly 20 lbs away from getting back to my starting weight. Ho hum...I gained 39 lbs to be exact and after miss e was born I lost only 17. While I was breastfeeding I pretty much broke even, I could eat whatever I wanted and didn't seem to gain weight. Once I stopped I continued to eat a lot of chocolate and chips and wasn't exercising and gained so much weight that I was a cheeseburger away from hitting 200. It really is hard to find the time to work out when you work full time. What free time I do have I use to run errands or do my favorite thing which is spend time with emma. If I were disciplined enough, I could probably wake up at 5 am and run while both Ant and Emma sleep, but alas, I really enjoy my sleep.I have managed to lose 20lbs but every time I try and work out at home, Emma feels the need to sabotage my work out. I can rarely get through a tae bo-(I don't want to hear it) routine without Emma jumping on my legs, or grabbing my hand. Today she took her train set and decided to set up camp right on my work out mat. I would move the pieces back to her play mat and she would bring them right back. Needless to say I only got in 30mns, but something is better than nothing. Da punk...she really is getting to be such a little person now and is loosing her slightly insane personality. I mean she is still a nut, but I don't hear or see her running reckless thought stores AS much as before. Anyway, that was morning...huffing and working around Emma.

what I imagine we look like at home-minus Tita

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