Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my little helper

So as I have said before Emma is starting to "help out" around the house but her helping only gives me more work. I still let her try and yesterday she dragged her step stool from the living into the kitchen and simply started washing the dishes. Just like that. She looked real cute because she was wearing her tutu over her jeans and her dads baseball cap on sideways. A true ballerina thug. She is really into dancing and understands how ballet works. She knows tutus are what they wear and that she needs to be on her tippy toes to dance. I am saving to start her in dance classes in the new year, but man are they $$ up here. I still cant see paying 5oo dollars for only a few months...not even a whole year. But we shall see.

She also loves Goofy and can name Mickey and Mimi. Yes I wrote Mimi. She is also into counting now and I am looking for books that deal with counting/numbers. Thoughts? Well she is definitely at her peak of the terrible twos, saying no at pretty much at each chance she gets. She loves dessert and has a major sweet tooth. She is a fan of my cake pops. One thing she started doing, which amazed me, is assembling the tracks of her train. I rotate her toys so they stay fresh and she doesn't get bored and it has been a while since she played with her imaginarium train set. She was really happy to see it again and went right to taking the pieces out. The last time she played with it she got so frustrated at the tracks and her ability to maintain the trains on the track. Now she just started putting them together quietly and placing the train on the tracks and going "toot toot". She will still ask for help for the stubborn pieces but she just amazes us each day. She can count to five now but only when she feels like it. She has done it at least 4 times but if you ask her again she will be silly and go "six, eight, six".


  1. Well send that little helper on over. Stinky needs some grooming, Digger needs to be flossed, the floors need some waxing, Uncle Brian needs a back massage and I could really use a pedicure. Emma can then help us get rid of all our kitty/urban tumbleweed, scrub the bathtub and clean the windows. Pleast tell her to bring her tutu. I have rubber gloves so she doesn't ruin her manicure. Thanks!