Thursday, October 21, 2010


So emma is going to be a fairy for halloween. We were going to go with Jesse but I never got my sewing machine and time just crept up on me!!! My aunt sent her a very nice fairy costume that she finally fits into. I put it on for kicks back in Florida and when I saw how cute she really looked, I fiugred I would stop beating myself up and just go with the flow. I am in the process of making her a headband to go with the costume. Here are some pics of my process, keep in mind I have no idea where Im heading and have never done anything like this before...but she just inspires me to want to do everything for her!

step one, you cut a hole in the...just kidding. I took a headband I got for her at the dollar section of Target. She never liked it so I'm repurposing it in way.

I then wrapped it is some lime green satin ribbon I got at, gasp, Walmart. (I had a gift card)

Then I made these paper flowers with my various craft punches.

I also bought some green leaves on a vine at Michael's for 1.99.

Next step ????

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  1. I am requesting that you make me an adult version of this, please. I'm loving those paper flowers.