Monday, October 25, 2010

This weekend...

hair clip, made by mommy
shorts, baby Gap
top, Zara kids
tights, H&M
shoes, old navy
cuteness, all her own
...was productive. I tried cleaning the apartment but it just seems to never end. We took Emma to the Central Park zoo and it was a lovely day outside but the zoo itself was a bit of a disappointment. It is very small and the animals seemed to be in hiding. I did see Selma Blair but aside from that, we were not impressed. Emma had the most fun at the petting zoo but in true NY fashion, the change machines were broken and we couldn't get quarters to feed the animals. So Emma tried really hard to get some morsels but her little hands were not small enough to reach up and grab some. She was dressed to the nines and looked like a true Parisian baby, like something out of Bonpoint but in reality it was a mash up of various brands. It was a nice day and she took a really long nap so daddy and I could go window shopping. We even passed by a street fair and had some yummy arepas and ok tacitos al pastor. The highlight was on the train ride back there were a Japanese family who had a baby girl and young son and the mom and baby girl were wearing matching sweaters and I don't mean tacky matching, I mean you could tell she dropped serious cash on the them. So I'm searching for a store called Hannah Anderson?

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