Friday, October 15, 2010

baby steps

you can see my attempt at drawing a face on the ghost...testing edible markers

they look darling

Success!! I am working on the technique and defintly feel more comforatble with these little suckers (no pun intended), than I did at the beginning of the wee.. Cake pops, tho simple in concept, are very tedious to make. I finally feel like I somewhat have the technique down and will work on their aesthetics with the next batch. One thing I learned is to use less frosting, 1/2 a can or less and let mixture sit in fridge for a while before rolling into little balls. My "balls" were way too big and their weight would just make them slide down the stick. Use a melon baller to get the right size. Definitely melt a small amount of chocolate and dip the candy stick in the melt before inserting into the ball as a way to use the chocolate as a bonding agent. Otherwise your cake balls will just slide down the stick. I found that freezing the cake balls works better than refrigerating. The candy melts were not quite melting into a thin liquid consistency for me so I added some vegetable oil to thin it out. I read that shortening works as well.

Anyway, I will work on decorating them once I feel more comfortable with making them. There are several steps to making cake pops so make sure you have the time to put in them. They are quite decadent, they taste like truffles and I think if I add some liquor to them they could be like rum balls...hmmmm

test batch number 2
I actually was able to decoarte these even if I just threw sprinkles on them.

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