Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Emma Finney, Phd

this is the outfit I put up against Emma! She once was small.

her head barely sticks out

where is the little girl I knew?

yep, she is a nut
So I have a healthy tall daughter who is in her terrible twos. Apparently she is highly energetic and the doc recommend that I put her in gymnastics or dance class. i would love to that but at 500-800 dollars a semester, I need to find the right studio!! That is right, from Jan -June, not even a whole year. costs you half a grand. I dont remeber it being that much when I took class, but times, they have changed. We shall see what 2011 brings us. Anyway, Emma is now exactly 3 feet tall and looks like a 3 year old. I think that is part of my problem with how I tend to compare her actions to other kids around her. I forget that the other kids are older than her because despite being the same height. Anyway, during her 2 year check up the Doctor wanted to look in her mouth with a popsicle stick and Emma refused to open her mouth. The doc was able to place it in for a while to look at the sides of her mouth but was unable to look deep down her throat. As she moved onto checking her stomach, she gave Emma the stick to play with. Emma then proceeded to open her mouth and insert the stick as if to show the doc how it is done. The doc got quite a kick and thanked Emma for letting her see the back of her throat. Emma is quiet the helpful one and super independent. Afterwards we did our usual treat of going to Pain Quotidien and getting some coffee for me and a treat for Emma. I don't know why but it brings me such joy to have these small rituals with her. I would have taken her to the park, as it was a gorgeous today, but alas, duty called! Emma is 36 inches and 31.5 lbs now! I'm also in the process of preparing hand me downs for a friend who will have a baby girl soon. I saw some items that I haven't seen in two years and was floored to see how small Emma once was. I measured one dress in particular against her now and they just seemed like clothing for a doll. Was Emma ever that small? I mean I know she was, but I just cant remember.

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  1. And just who is that pint sized impostor? I hardly recall Emma being a tiny little bean. She has a larger than life personality, and a larger than life joie de vivre...hard to believe it once fit neatly inside that little bundle.
    I think Emma's refusal to slow down is a testament to every child's insatiable not yet knowing the meaning of boundaries or believing that life is one ride down the slide after another, to believing that their tiny hands can catch that fluttering butterfly, to not yet fully understanding in all its capacity, the disappointment of hearing the word "NO".
    I want to be a kid again. And if I was Emma's age, I know we'd grow up to be besties.