Tuesday, October 19, 2010

eTsy trouble tuesdays

I think I will start new posts every Tuesday called eTsy Trouble Tuesdays cuz that seems to be the day that I discover yet another Etsy find that I must have. I was never a fan of personalized or monogrammed jewelery until I had Emma. Then I felt I had to have some sort of token of hers that I could carry around with me at all times. I came upon this great site called Planet Jill where they take your photos and make lovely charms for necklaces, bracelets, key chains, etc. While they are lovely, I am always looking for more contemporary, slightly out of the ordinary personalized jewelry so I can carry miss E close to my heart. I also feel I should have one of her now, as a toddler, since the one I have is of her only a few days old. Silhouette art has also become a soft spot for me and someone posted this link on my Figs and Ginger post and I am sold! I love this necklace by Le Papier Studio and love even more how she will make a silhouette from any image you send her. I feel this necklace would be perfect, plus have I mentioned it is in my price range? I think the price is quite reasonable and I just might have to have one made this Pay Day Friday. Her Etsy store also has many other wonderful items that can be personalized such as calenders and wall art. Definitely worth the visit.

Le Papier Studio

I went to Anthropologie last weekend and oh my gosh! That store is nothing but TROUBLE....They have their winter line out for kids and I covet so many of their over priced items. Below are the ones I would totally get if I had an unlimited budget for Emma's wardrobe. A girl can dream.....

I still think her Viking hat is the bomb!
a mere 88 bucks for all of the items above except the hat

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