Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today was a busy morning. Emma slept in as she was up rather late causing mayhem in her room and I was able to sneak in a very, very short 20mn work out. I had to take Emma to get some blood work done as it is part of her annual checkup. They check her CBC count and lead level. The worst part is they don't draw it via a finger prick but actually wrap a rubber band around her little arm and draw blood via her veins. I think she might have remembered from last year because she got a little quiet when we entered the room. It didn't last long as she was really happy to jump on the chair and play with its moving arms. Once the phlebotomist came in she settled and down and was so curios as to what was being done to her. She just kept staring at him and all his movements. I couldn't bear to look and I tried to distract her but her eyes were so focused on what going on. I actually started to cry but she was a trouper. She just let out one little "ouch" and squirmed a tad. It was over in less than a minute. The guy even gave her an entire sticker sheet which she was happy to receive. She made me proud with how well she took it. I gave her some chocolate milk and then took her to Barnes and Noble to look at books. She got so excited when we got there and ran straight to the kids sections. She picked out a lot of books from the spinner rack and they were mostly Dora or Wonder Pets but she really was showing interest in Sponge Bob and the Bernstein Bears which is strange as she has never seen Sponge Bob yet she can say his name. I'm guessing her sitter might have taught her that one. Anyway, I bought some more Halloween books and some coloring books and some books for Xmas. Yes I am starting now so I can budget this year. I really cant think of anything else to get her for Xmas except books and DVDs. Her main gift ill be her big girl bed and nice bedding and pillows. RIP crib!

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