Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween paper rosettes

I just felt I had to do these. I've been wanting to do these types of flat "pom poms" for over a year. I realized I might as well use the supplies I already have and just do them. I used the NY Times, Trader Joe shopping bags, coffee filters, streamers and construction paper. These can be done for practically pennies I tell ya. I wasn't sure how they would come out but I was pleased when I saw them hanging on the wall. They have a nostalgic feel to them and the best thing is I won't cry when its time to recycle them. I realize that next year I need to start making decorations in September because having only one week to enjoy them seems unfair. Having Emma's birthday in Sept will make my time management tricky, but I can do it. Anyway, super easy to make there is no need to be precise-just my kind of project. The only tools you really need are a glue stick and a glue gun. Just be careful as I gave myself two nasty burns. I say use Popsicle sticks or something to distribute the glue since the surface isn't flat. These were quick to make, not more than an hour and the possibilities are endless with the type of paper you use and how you fold the smaller layers, even the variety of images or other decorative motif to attach are endless. I learned how to do these at Paper Source

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