Thursday, October 14, 2010

viking hat

you cant catch me

In Boston I came across this adorable children's boutique called the Red Wagon. They had these Peruvian knit hats in various animal shapes and really wanted the owl hat but alas, it was only for sizes 6-12months. I was leaning towards the penguin hat and then I saw the viking hat, this super cute, never before seen hat that has horns and long red braids. Emma actually loves it and will leave it on. She will stroke the long braids in a very girlish manner. This morning I took some pics of her in both her hat and fur vest as I need to send out some sort of Halloween card soon.

Side note, Emma was really talkative this morning. She pointed at her zebra print and said "ziba" and I grabbed her socks and she said "sock". She also said her first three words together. Emma brush moma. It was wonderful to see the gears in her mind turn as she starts putting words together. She just loves counting as well and I cant seem to drive without her taking both her shoes and socks off for me to count her toes. "Five, six, six"

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