Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I heart Halloween

I really do, since I was kid, probably more than Xmas. I still don't know why and when I'm asked by people I simply shrug my shoulders. But I am so excited to decorate and actually make some killer cupcakes. I am such a Rachel Ray of crafts. I made this really nice wreath out of "found objects" . I bought this vine wreath at Michael's for like 3 dollars and then some black leaves and orange flowers which were 50 percent off. I put them all together and added a little wooden decorative ghost, also from Michael's, and viola! (picture to come!!) But I saw this today and I have to have it! I'm a sucker for all things Day of the Dead, I am a proud Mexican after all. Any kind of accessory for your accessories is just a bonus!!!

Ok , already day dreaming of the next party I could throw!! If money and time were not an issue.

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