Friday, October 8, 2010

emma the giant

so big , so beautiful

her first night in her crib, the tip of her head not even reaching the top of the rail

now she takes up 3/4 of the bed..

Emma is a tall gal and has been since day one. She was 21.25 inches when she was born and now is at 3 feet tall. She is in the 95% and looks like a 3 year old. I say this because the other night during my nightly check up on her it hit me how long she is. The crib almost looks like a joke now. It has been converted to a toddler bed which is just fancy way of saying we removed the front rail. I realize that she needs a real twin bed now and that will be her xmas present. I think I will go the ikea route as they have sweet affordable beds and I have my eye on some linens form Pottery Barn Kids. I love them but man are they pricey. I also want to finally put up some proper curtains in her room and will most likely get these or these, aslo from PBK. To be honest I havent the first clue on curtains and if a valence plus panels would be too much.

side note...I know Target has a cheaper line of very similar we shall see the end result come Jan

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