Friday, October 22, 2010

Storm King revisited

emma loves pan!

always under the table looking for scraps (I kid)

with her personal trainer-Bmac

there she is napping

my pretty girl


giving tita the evil eye

trying to teleport herself

This past summer we took Emma to the Storm King and simply feel in love with it! It is a great place to spend a whole day as a family, a couple, or a visitor. We went back this past weekend to see it in all its fall glory and warm colors. This place is HUGE! We still haven't seen all there is too see or explore. I wish they were open during the winter to see it in yet a different light! You truly get a sense of the changing seasons when you go there and the drive is simply scenic. This time we went with our dear friends, tita and tito and had a great time. We had a lovely picnic and Emma had a blast. She did her first roll down a hill and learned pretty quickly. She is good like that, she just needs to see it once and BAM, look out. She actually napped for most of the walking. Afterwards we stopped at Stew Leonards and came to the conclusion that Emma is petrified of any type of animatronics. I think I know why she hated Its a Small World. Poor Emma, she just clung to me and her eyes were wide with terror. It was actually funny to see, this fearless creature brought down to her knees, but I made a quick B line to the check out and Papa even bought her a small Boots.

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