Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy almost birthday Emma

big smile!


planning some grand scheme

I really cannot believe it is almost here. This Saturday miss E will be two. She is so tall that I just cant remember her ever being tiny. I love how all of a sudden when she doesn't want me to leave she decides to lay on my arms as if I were cradling her. She is too much and I love her so. This past weekend was a fun filled weekend. I got together with some dear friends at Prospect Park in Brooklyn and had a mini bday party for her. Just a simple pot luck picnic but it was nice. Emma got to run around and ride the carousel. The best part was the moment when we all sang happy birthday to her and she just froze and sat there.Her face just lit up with a huge smile. She listened to each out of key chord being sung with such glee that I melted my heart. She truly loves attention and loved that we all were singing to her. I have been trying to teach her each day to say she is two years old and tell her about birthdays and parties. I got her a Dora and YGG birthday book to get her preparted for her own party and she seems to understand that hats and balloons equal party-now if she understand what a birthday is, I highly doubt it. She loved all her gifts including her books from Tita , her "dog" from Heather and the Buzz interactive phone from us. I cant wait for Sat, to be home with family and other wee ones as I try and pull off an Olivia themed bday party in an outdoor venue. Fingers crossed. I did test out my cupcake toppers and it was s success they are uber cute and I cant wait to see it all come together.

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