Thursday, September 30, 2010

Emma's gifts

Well Emma did really well at her party and I feel she got more gifts than she knows what to do with. It seems the older they get the more toys they receive. She did get a lot of PJs which is great b/c she really needed them. Apparently my amazonian daughter is now wearing 3T pjs. Emma still loves to color and her favorite present was her mini crayola twistable crayons which are really great for small hands. They don't break and last forever!!! Well, at least for a really long time. She also got an Olivia dress up kit that comes in its own cardboard trunk, just like on the show and Emma loves to play dress up. She kept going back to the box each day to put on the tutu and ballet slippers. She is such a lil' diva. She loved all her gifts and each day it seems she will focus on a new toy or book. She really is into Dora these days and got two interactive Dora books, one with a "cd player" and one with a Xylophone. Emma just loves making music. The one gift that took the cake was her talking Jessie Doll. She is probably the size Jessie would really be in real life and Emma just loves her and her hat. She has learned to say Bulls Eye, the horse, and apparently is looking for it. I now have to find a stuffed Bulls Eye so the set can be complete. It really is true how all parents want to make their kids happy and I love how Emma is happy with not just physical things but with experiences such as being outside, watching movies and reading. I don't want Emma to place her happiness on material objects and I know it will be hard to find the right balance as you want your children to have everything you had plus more.

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