Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it has been a while

they grow up so fast...

her helping actually gives me more work

da ninj on da loose

she loves her sweets

exhibit A-party favor bags

Trying to get back into the swing of things. Emma will be two next week and I just don't know where the time went. Where is my little baby that couldn't even sit up, let alone roll over? Now she is flying. She tries to slip into the drivers seat of the car when I get out and at the playground she attempts to do the monkey bars and other older kid tricks. She is trying to communicate more each day and Im trying to wean her from her throwing things during tantrums routine. It is surprising how some books have been able to give me the perfect advice.
Some cute things she has done since I last left this blog are:
Emma was scolding the cat this morning, I just heard her say "Gato down, nononno Gato." She has taken it upon herself to be the proud founder, VP, CEO and sole member of the safety committee at the playground. She loves to go around telling smaller kids, NONONO! She has even made a kid cry by simply telling him no.
She is really good at sharing and always makes sure that every one is equal. She still wont kiss me but rather she puts her head down for me to kiss-however Papa always gets kisses from her. She has learned to blow kisses and loves kissing herself in the mirror. The other day at the Banana Republic fitting room she started kissing her reflection. I still don't know whether to be worried or amused. She loves to feed her toys and even the characters in her coloring book as she eats and even makes the pretend eating sound.
She has learned to put her finger up to her lips and say "ssssssshhhhhhhh" when she hears dogs barking and loves to talk with her hands, as if she were a lil'mobster from 1920's Brooklyn. She is really good a learning proper names and can say Ephraim-our foster cat, 'onnie-her new sitter, atrina-my boss and Mike-a new toy and character from Monsters Inc. She loves to yell out her toys names when she is looking for them, as if they were to somehow magically respond to her. And yes, she is still very much obsessed with Toy Story. She has a Jessie, Woody and Buzz doll, I call them the trifecta and they cannot exist on their own . At times i only know where one or two are and when I go to give them to her she quickly asks where the missing ones are and will not be calm until all three are happy together. She is just pure love and loves to give my gray hairs. That girl is going to age me!
I am going into hyper drive now that I am planning her party! It is next sat and I want all the little things to be done before I fly down. I said last year I would keep it low key but i just cant. Party planning is in my blood! Her Olivia extravaganza! This weekend Emma gave me a mini coronary. It all of a sudden got quiet and I know that when i hear silence trouble is a brewin. I call out for Emma and can't see nor hear anything. I look in the kitchen, bedroom, living room and Emma is nowhere. Then I hear the sound of pots clamoring and I realize Emma is on the counter hidden from view by the fridge, clinging for dear life to the microwave. She had pushed her ratty step stool to the counter and tried to get up to open THE cabinet. (She knows were we keep her chocolate milk.)With the microwave on the counter, there is little room for much else and Emma didn't calculate how she would need room to stand up, so she was only able to kneel down and hug the microwave. She was scared and after I realized that no one had came into take her, I started laughing. She really is resourceful and self sufficient. I wonder how much longer I will be needed. Yesterday she grabbed the puffs, opened them and poured them into her little cup. Granted she still doesn't have the control to stop pouring and they all ended up on the floor, but I applaud her initiative and independence.
I do miss her lots while I am at work and this week we are starting with a new sitter/temporary(?). I wish I could be the one to stay home with her and hope that is not too far off in my future. I'll try and upload some pics soon and finish our Mexican adventure!

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