Wednesday, September 29, 2010

happy happy 2nd birthday

It came and went and as all big events I am left feeling a little sad now that it is all over...months of preparing and in a few hours it is gone. Emma is now two going on three but really going on 18. She is such an independent soul. I have tons of pics to post but i just want to jot down some adorable things miss e is doing now. She shushes dogs when they bark and babies when they cry. She is a fan of Dora and I had to buy her a dvd since we don't have cable. She still loves to read but now also loves to brush her hair and your hair...and her dolls hair and pretty much anything else, feet, walls , counter tops. She will repeat things unexpectedly, and yesterday she said "oh man" after Swiper said it on Dora. She will also take you by the hand and take you to the place where the item is she wants whether it be a snack or a toy that is too high. And she isnt subtle about it either...she just grabs your hand and says "come moma". If it is something that I don't want her to have she will then move onto parent number two and ask papa for help and while we were in Tampa and both of us would tell her no, she would then go to find grandma and take her hand and bring her to her object of desire. I guess some kids will just point but Emma at least makes an effort to physically bring you with her. We are trying to get her to say please when she wants something and it sounds so cute, "peas" . One evening my mom and I went for a walk and she was in her stroller and then all of a sudden she just grabbed my hand and we walked hand in hand for a while. It was so sweet I wanted that moment to last forever since she will only hold my hand when she needs something from me.

She is really good at lowering her voice when people are asleep. One night I was trying to get her to sleep so I pretended to be sleeping and Emma was reading outloud to herself. Once she realized that I was "asleep" she said "mama night night" in a hush hush tone and then continued to read her book in a hushed tone. Then I lifted my head to look at her and she looked at me and pushed my head back down and said "sssh mama, night time mama" as if she were trying to get ME to go back to sleep. It was sooo funny. I love how aware she is of her tone and how she is courteous to those who are sleeping.

This pic is one of her in her partial bikini and new boots and her hat and Easter basket. She was somehow obsessed with her cousin's toilet seat. She is too stylish.

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