Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Angelina ballerina cakes

For E's NY party I will be throwing a small Angelina Ballerina fete and have been looking online for some inspiration for her cake. I am not a cake decorator, in fact I usually just slap some glaze on my cake and call it a day. And while I usually work towards making yummy cakes, I want to at least try and make E a somewhat fancy bday cake. My mom's friend has spoiled me by making all of E's bday cakes and all my shower cakes but she lives in Tampa and I live in NY. Anyway, while researching cakes, I found some really brilliant ones online, most of which are from the UK. I seriously doubt my cake will look anything like these, I will be happy if I can get two even layers, but I do hope that above else, the flavor will be simply delicious.

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