Friday, August 12, 2011

party favors

give it to me momma, I got this

she can be so focused when she wants to

So I started working on E's party favors for her Princess and the Frog Party in Oct. I realized that if I don't start now, I will be swamped and miserable the night before her party and I want to enjoy her day! So as I'm modgepodging away, I just am filled with the urge to stop and do something low key, to buy premade party favors and do things that are less involved than decoupaging tiny 2 x2 wood squares. Then I find this picture of my dad and me that was taken during Halloween probably around 1987. I remember that night. I remember I either waited up late for my dad, or woke up in excitement because he had promised to do carve the pumpkin. See at our house my dad was the crafty one. He knew how to sew, and cook and embroider. He also loved holidays and loved decorating the house and I know that is where I get my love for the holidays. So I'm looking at this picture of me and my dad and I notice the small detail of how the eyes of the pumpkin have a red velum lining, so as to give it this glow when lit form inside. I just smile when I realize this small, perhaps innocuous detail, and I know that I have to continue with my insane party details because its in my blood and I can't not go all out. Perhaps only one or two people might notice my efforts, but I know E will one day smile at the thought of how her mom worked hard to make her feel special, she will look back at these pictures of her helping her mommy and she will smile and feel loved.

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