Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I rather have the adult umbrella, thank you

fine, I will take myself to the Museum of Natural History

working hard to not look like a tourist

you can give me the ol' stink eye all you want, I aight turning around.

hat, Old Navy
dress, some place in Mexico
model good looks, all mommy

We love D.C. It is our town..we have been several times and on this trip down we thought it would be nice to stop and show my cousins the sights. It was really HOT. I mean I had to bust out the umbrella to shield me from the sun. E had a good time. Unfortunately the zoo is under construction and since it was so hot, most of the animals were hiding. We took the kids to the Air and Space museum and they really did enjoy their time. E napped during that time, but managed to wake up towards the end of our stay at the museum and she even got a chance enjoy their exhibition on how planes fly. Her and I waited on the lawn outside while the rest of the crew finished up. E was so sweet playing peek a boo with me. It was a nice time.

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