Thursday, August 4, 2011

We are back, sort of

she loves her princess towel.

you can see the struggle for the noodle, which is E's btw.

I got this papa, you can let go now.

living the high life.

swimsuit, Old Navy
jelly sandals, Gymboree
body, by Mac n Cheese!

We got back last sunday from our road trip down to Tampa. It was a lot of fun for Emma but a lot of running around for me. I must say Emma loves Florida, its beaches, pools and spalsh parks. She was so happy when we pulled into the driveway and she recoginzed that it was Grandma's house. She started yelling "yeah Grandma!" an waving her little hands up in the air. It was so loud my mom could hear her from the front door.
For me I was a little anxious. I had been dreading the return home because it was going to cement the fact that my father was no longer with us. I guess living in NY made me feel as if he were still in Tampa, on the sofa, waiting. As we pulled up and I saw his green truck I just crumbled. But E's cheers made me snap out of it.
All in all it was great, she got to be with her cuz login, who is such a trouble maker, but they do love to play with each other.

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