Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cute things update

Emma is good about taking her time outs like a man. She wont put up a fight, knows where to go and she will just sit there until I come get her. She has even come to fear them, it seems threatening her with a time out is the only way to get her to stop misbehaving. Well, she now has gotten into the habit of giving poor Gato timeouts. She usually wants to give him time outs when he gets on the table and eats her food or starts scratching the furniture. It really is the cutest thing to hear, "Gatito time out". She will come find me and drag me to where he is and make me put him in the bathroom. She then squeals "two minutes". See her time outs last two minutes, they say you are supposed to give them a minute per age. (Soon it will be three minutes!) Anyway, there are times when Gato is doing nothing and she wants me to punish him. Oh, they are such a riot to watch. All he wants is to be near her and she just wants to punish him. She will even do this crazy witch laugh and say "Emma's crazy". I wonder at times about her.
Emma also loves to wash her hands. I mean LOVES. I bought a 12 oz bottle of soap not even two weeks ago and it is all gone. Emma will just pump, pump away, and yesterday I caught her washing the paws of all her stuffed animals. I mean Eeyore, Pooh, Owl, Tigger, Owl, Curious George...and theses are not plastic, but stuffed animals...sigh, we had to literally ring out Tigger to dry. It was sweet how she carried one by one to the bathroom and held their paws under the soap and then pumped away. I didn't get mad at her because she was just playing, but I need to return the fancy soap I just bought at Home Goods and get some of that Target refillable soap.
E is really sweet and talking more, you can't pull a fast one on her or she will correct you. Her latest craze is watercolors. She will spend 30mns just painting in her books and I think for her birthday I will get her some nice watercolors and fun paint brushes and like 10 smocks! Sigh, they say those paints are washable, but I found out last night, they are not!
And finally, I think E is well on her way to being potty trained. We found that she can pry herself away from her cartoons to go pee, which she wasn't doing a month ago. She can pull her roos off and put the training seat up on the toilet and do her business. The only thing we haven't tried is going out in public with just roos on. I'm not sure how to tackle that. I mean how do you tell her to hold it?

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