Tuesday, August 9, 2011

chana chana

In Spanish there is this little song you sing to someone as you rub their booboo. "Chana changa, colita de rana, si no sana hoy, sanara manana". It roughly translates to, "chana chana, little froggy tail, if it doesn't heal today it will heal tomorrow. It of course rhymes in Spanish. My mom would sing it to us growing up and now I sign to E. She loves it and did the sweetest thing the other day. She accidentally hit me and starting rubbing my cheek and singing the song. She then kissed me, rubbed my head and said "you're ok, good girl". She has also done the same thing to her Minnie doll that she threw on the floor. She can be so tender, it breaks my heart. This morning she was singing the Dumbo song while describing what animals where doing what. She also really loves bandaids. I mean i think she thinks they are like jewelry. She will fake an ouch just to get one. Her latest kick is getting them on her little booty. She starts saying "ouch colita, bandaid bandaid!" I indulge her, as I cant think of how that could harm her. Its is expensive though, those character bandaids aren't cheap!

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