Tuesday, August 16, 2011

it's getting closer!

I have been getting sentimental lately as I look at E and am amazed at how much she has grown. She has been in my life for almost three years and the time has gone faster than a blink of the eye. I am starting to get a little stressed as her parties approach, that is right, I said parties. She will be having a small NY party her small little community of well wishers and my closest friends up here. It will be an Angelina Ballerina party. So fingers crossed everything comes out lovely. I have bought my first bag of fondant and will be practicing making fondant bows and butter cream frosting.
Anyway, I have been pining for this little bunny for a while now..the thing is, it is almost 30 dollars and you just get a kit...Id still have to make her, and we all remember that Boo doll I made last year...anyway...you can find her here at Miko Design.

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