Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ju Ju

bikini, Janie and Jack
flip flops, Gymboree

In D.C. I got Emma a toy snake and she loves that thing. She calls it Ju Ju b/c she thinks it is Mama Odie's snake from The Princess Frog. She was dragging that thing all over D.C. and when she got to Tampa, Logan quickly became a fan. E has no problem sharing, in fact she is quite content to find the next thing to play with. Logan is the opposite, everything is his and he cant bring himself to share his toys. I learned that Ju Ju is the one toy Emma is willing to throw down for. Logan tried to take it from her and she had had enough. She pushed him and took her snake away. I was secretly proud that she stood up for herself, but I am trying to instill in her that one must not hit or push.

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