Thursday, April 22, 2010

da ninj strikes again

emma thinking about it
this is how she does it from the front
just helping her break her fall.

from the back

training for Cirque de Soleil

So last week the sitter had told me that Emma had managed to climb out of both the pack and play and her son's crib. I was a bit in disbelief as she has not shown any interest in doing those tricks at home.
Well low and behold, on Saturday morning around 6am Ant gets up to go to the bathroom. When he comes back I see Emma running in front of him. Im all grumpy and ask him why he couldn't just leave her in her crib. He replies that he did not get her out. We are both in shock and laughing. She finally did it. She managed to escape her little jail. The rest of the day was rough. She would not take a nap as she knew she could get out and at night, Anthony had to sleep on the floor 'monitoring" her. We were/are not ready to make the transition to toddler bed. Just the thought of giving Emma that freedom both tore at me and worried me. So we just worked on training her to stay in her bed. We kept putting her back in until she wore herself out and we found the one thing that would distract her from the fact that she was able to get out of her crib, books. So we leave a book or two in with her and tho now we see that it might be causing a delay her ability to sleep and is actually keeping her up past her bed time, I much rather have her in her crib than running around eating cat food and doing bridge poses between the couch and coffee table.

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