Tuesday, April 20, 2010

emma loves to read!

She might not look like her dad, but she sure has one of his most admired traits. She loves to read. I mean she will look through anything you give her. Once at the mall in Tampa, she was getting fussy and I had no book for her, so I handed her the BCBG catalogue and she read that thing front to back, over and over and if she dropped it, she would not let us leave with out picking it up. The best part is a book doesnt even have to contain images, she is just happy flipping through the pages. This morning Ant left out his mandarin/english dictionary and Emma was perusing through it as if she could actually understand the content. She even handed it to me and sat on my lap so we could read it together. It was too cute. Since emma is in a transition phase of not wanting to stay in her crib, we have been needing to find out what her 'object' of comfort is. The doctors and books all say that when a child is transitioning from anything from no more pacifier to sleeping on their own, it helps if they have an object of comfort. Most common objects of comfort are a stuffed animal or a blanket. Emma being the kid she is, hasn't really formed such attachments to one particular object. I mean she loves her bebe but she never asks to sleep with it. She rather just drag it all over the place. However when it comes to books, particularly her new Olivia books, I noted that she holds on to them a little bit longer. Her books are enough to keep her focused and unaware that it is time to sleep. I've seen her hug her book when she is upset and when she eventually calms down she just lays there, flipping through that book until slumber hits. We bought a monitor early on and never used it since we lived in a one bedroom for the first year of her life. Now since she is a ninja and we need to monitor her every move, we are finally finding use for it. So at night all we hear on the monitor are pages being turned and the occasional sweet giggle. My fear of waking up to Emma cooking in the kitchen is assuaged by the sound of her pages a flippin' at 7am, sharp. At least I no longer have to worry about over sleeping. It makes me proud how Emma can sit and just look at all her books for a good chunk of time and the best part is when she hands me a book, turns around and backs into my lap. She is the cutest and really is the personification of Olivia the pig.

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