Wednesday, April 21, 2010

danger, danger, high voltage!

what, me trouble?


OK, so not high voltage, but in a small sense, danger. On Monday i get a phone call from Emma's sitter and I hate when she starts off with, "Now Emma is fine...but" Your heart sinks, and I just want her to spit it out like a hot chili pepper. She informs me that the kids have locked themselves in Ben's bedroom and she cannot get back in. She says she can hear them and they are not crying or distressed. She, however, sounds like she just saw the living dead. I cannot help but laugh as she tells me this. I can imagine Ben and Emma hanging from the ceiling fan, or doing some tribal dance in their diapers. Being as how I myself have locked Emma in a running car and needed to call AAA to get her out, know that these things happen. In less than a second things occur and we have been quite lucky that these things have turned out to be nothing more serious. So she tells me her mother is on the way and that she cant find the super and she might have to call the fire department to BREAK the door down. I tell her I'm on the way and run over there. When I arrive I am greeted by her mom, a lady always dressed the nines yet today is in her workout outfit and with no makeup. She is jabbing a now broken lock with a screw driver. I can clearly tell these people have never in their life picked a lock or removed a door knob from the door. I ask to see what kind of knob/lock it was and then ask grandma to kindly move. Growing up with a brother who always took and hid my stuff and with whom I was constantly fighting, I am somewhat of a pro at this. More MacGruber than MacGyver, but when our parents gave us each special door knobs with locks to "protect" our stuff, I had many a chance to develop a knack for these sort of things. Anyway, I just had to see what type of lock it is/was and I knew right away know that a screw driver is not what you needed. I look in the hole and see Ben on his rocking horse and Emma reading, of course. They are both oblivious to the "drama" going on behind the door. I ask for a pair of pliers and in less than 5 seconds the door pops open and Emma simply looks up as if saying "can I help you". It really was cute how well behaved they were, just going about their business, playing and reading. I found it very humorous.

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