Thursday, April 22, 2010

emma the ham


emma's first time having a bowl of cereal

mastering the spoon.

Emma perfecting her kodak smile

Emma is growing up so fast I say this at least once a week. She is all about walking on her own and feeding herself. She even has gotten better at walking home. She no longer feels the need to run all over the sidewalk and up on the grass, she instead walks next to me and knows just where to turn. She is eating more and more like a lady and every time she sees that my plate has a different meal than hers, she just has to sample mine as well. She even acts like a princess. When she actually does need me to hold her hand, she just extends her arm out and doesn't even grace me with a glance. For instance when she needs help going up or down the stairs, she stops and all I see is her hand come out. If I ignore her or take too long, she starts opening and closing her hand until I give her mine. In a sense it is sweet she needs me and she knows she need me, but if I could at least get her to look up at me, make eye contact, say please. She will also just hand me things she no longer wants to carry, and I am starting to feel a little taken advantage of or taken for granted. As I type this I am hit with the realization that I am guilty of the same actions towards my own mother. Oh what we learn from our kids.

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