Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Emma loves to shop
top, Janie and Jack,
pants, Gap
shoes, Nordstroms
addicted to shopping, mommy's influence

terrified of Its a Small World

getting fed up with the lines and the heat

looking oh so cute
top, Janie and Jack
hat, Liberty of London (lost)

a whole new world

enjoying a sammich break

we can fly, we can fly, we can fly

topsy turvy

is this it?

So we took Emma to the Happiest Place on earth for her first park adventure. It was a lot of fun, the first 20mns. We got wrapped up in the hype, the castle, the souvenirs, the characters. I had found a pic of me with Chip or Dale from probably 25 years ago and I knew my mission was to find them and get a picture of emma with chip or dale. By luck the first characters we see are Chip and Dale and so of course we go pose with them. BUT things have changed. You first are suckered into thinking they are just standing there for ANYONE to walk up to them. Alas you have to wait in a line that is being managed by some sort of Disney bouncer. I guess gone are the days of the character just walking around and you running up to them to get a picture. Now we waited 15mns to get the winning picture and you have to be of the lucky few who can get in the line during the allotted time slot. It was sweet to get that picture, even though I look hideous. So we moved onto the teacups and were so relieved that there was no line. After breezing by the line at the Pooh ride, we realized Emma would not do well on the indoor rides. She is a tad afraid of the dark and the Pooh ride scared her. She would clutch onto me for comfort and as sick as it sounds, Anthony and I found it kinda nice to be able to comfort her. Well, the lines got longer throughout the day and the heat became unbearable at midday. Emma was fed up quickly with all the waiting as she is much more of an outdoor, running wild and free child. Her spot was Pooh's playground which was just that, a playground for kids 2-5. She also enjoyed the train and we were brought to tears when she started making the cho cho sound. It was really quite sweet that she knows what sound a train makes. But yes, Jungle Boat, scared, Pirates, scared (a given I know) It's a Small World, terrified. As much as an adventure that it was, we realized that contrary to what other parents of kids Emma age said, Emma is still too young to enjoy Disney and we will hold off on any other parks until she is at least four.

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