Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The ninja

Just look at the size of her.

One of Emma's many nicknames is da ninj and for well deserved reason. Last night I came home late and Emma was already asleep. I peeked in, as I do several times a night, and saw her wrestling around and wearing her pink, zip up, footy, onsie. About an hour later I peeked back in and saw her in just her diaper. I was so proud and amused at her. At 18 months she has somehow mastered the zipper. She has shown interest in zippers for the past month, but has been unable to get the gist of it or simply hold it in her hands. To see her not only unzip herself but get out of her pj's was just amusing and endearing. She is too much and tho she is getting very defiant as of late, she cracks me up and I love her so much.

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