Monday, April 12, 2010

First time out!

so last night we gave Emma her first time out. It was unexpected but her daddy thought it was necessary. After telling her several times not to stand on her step stool, we took it away from her. All the while she is laughing at us and intentionally ignoring us by avoiding eye contact. She really is too cute when causing trouble, that i end up having to leave her presence so I can laugh out loud. Well, we take her step stool away, and she proceeds to stand on her car. We say no, only to be given the same defiant treatment. We take the car away and then she finds the next object nearest her to stand on, the chairs. So after defying us once more, Anthony decides to give her at time out. He then asks me how long must she be in time out. I have no idea as we have never discussed it or read up on it. The only thing I knew was not to punish her in her room. So we decide 2 mns is enough and Emma is crying these huge tears and is inconsolable. My heart aches at the sight of her and I cant imagine doing this over and over. Discipline is probably going to be the hardest part about raising her.
yeah, we doin' nuttin here.
emma's new obsession, Olivia

her big girl towel

on a positive note, Emma has graduated to a big girl towel. No more baby towel for her. She is growing way too fast. The other day I gave her some kiwi in a bowl and she always eats her fruit with her hands. That day , all of a sudden, she placed her bowl on her step stool and ran over the drawer where we keep the utensils, opened it and pulled out a fork. She slammed the drawer with such determination we didn't realize what had just happened. She had marched over to the drawer like a cartoon character about to duel his nemesis. It was too much. She is becoming a little more self sufficient, or at least determined to get her way.

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