Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take your daughter to work day

gotta get these figures in
Castle Gallery, how can i help you?
mom, its for you


so, you first hit control and then what?

ok, lemme see here, control, alt delete

I'm every woman!

I got the hang of this

I'm sorry she is unavailable at this moment

Today was a great day. I got to spend my entire morning and early afternoon with Emma. Last year she joined me for TYDTW, but she was too small to enjoy her time and spent it mostly napping in a corner. Today she was quite the star. Everyone greeted her kindly. She mostly sat at my desk watching Olivia on my desktop, and then when the other girls came to do an art project with us, she joined and looked so cute just sitting at the table, looking at the older kids and really enjoying being part of the group. She (I) made a backpack from recycled items and then was off running around all over the gallery.
I think she had a good time and she really behaved well. At the end she was very tired , as she skipped her first nap and was up from 2am -5am this morning. She is a doll and when i had to leave her for lunch, she was clinging onto my leg and crying for her "mama mama mama". Needless to say it broke my heart as i had to walk away to do a job that, to be quiet honest, does not give the fulfilment as being with Emma does. I waited outside the sitter's apartment door until I could hear Emma's cry slowly die down. I felt like Dumbo's mom , on the other side unable to comfort my baby because "duty" called. Anyway, the good pictures I took of her in the big group were taken on a camera with no memory card, so here are some of Emma manning the fort this morning.


  1. Please tell Emma I need her to sub in for me. I plan on being out of the office next week and I could certainly use her administrative skills to hold down the fort.
    Tell her she should also bring her nail file...for when things get a little slow. It seems to me by the look of these pics that her garras could use a little filing down...

  2. I also happen to know that Emma wasn't takin' care of "bitness". Word on the street is that she was taking personal calls all morning and posting comments on Facebook the whole time she was at your office. In other words, she was basically doing my job.

  3. I wouldnt be surprised at that and i also need to somehow explain some charges on the corporate card