Wednesday, March 23, 2011

book of the week, Say Hello to Zorro

I had a book all planned out for this week , but when I saw this book I just fell in love and I couldn't wait to share it. This book is just so wonderful, simple, yet full of emotion and humor. If you have ever introduced a new pet, be it a dog or a cat, into your family you will surely relate to this book by brilliant illustrator Carter Goodrich. Goodrich is a well known illustrator having worked on such animated films as Despicable Me, Monsters Inc and Ratatouille. He also has illustrated several covers for the "New Yorker". He has such a keen sense for capturing emotion in the smallest of gestures, and you will note just how expressive these little dogs' eyes are. This tale is one of unwanted companionship, change and adjustment. Mister Bud, a somewhat grumpy dog, who is set in his routine and quite content being the center of attention, gets his world turned upside down when his owners bring home Zorro, a sweet, at times bossy, pug. They are both told to "get along with each other" and this is always easier said than done. What follows is a sweet tale of two foes who slowly become friends and how change can at times be for the better. Having lived through something very similar with my two cats, I immediately gravitated towards this book. The illustrations are so joyful and the storyline quite relatable. This would also be a good book for helping an older child accept and share the spotlight with a new sibling. Now this book has yet to receive the the ninja stamp of approval but it has animals and moves fast so I think she and your wee ones will surely enjoy this book.

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