Monday, March 28, 2011

disc a what?

Emma strikes her blue steel pose as she works the scale

yep, this was my morning. I'm sick, my throat, nose and ears are killing me and I was up every two hours in pain. But I woke up at 630 and managed to get myself out of bed and on the 8 o'clock train into the city for her 2.5 year checkup. E was a nut at the doctors, I mean she was probably on her worst behavior ever! She had been up since 5am and just went all crazy chimp on me. Shaking her head, ripping the paper, jumping up and down. It is embarrassing when your doctor makes "those" eyes at your child, and we all know what "those" eyes are. I kept hearing the word discipline this morning and I feel as if it seems that I let Emma run a muck. I have tried disciplining her, spanking, threats, taking her favorite things aways but nothing instills fear in her. So I need to read more books and try a chart and promise her rewards such as stickers or tatoos, as if that will help. I wish someone would listen to me but apparently she is too young to diagnose anything and I just have to keep disciplining her, as well as socialize her and put her in dance classes. MMM, sounds so easy, right?!

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