Tuesday, March 1, 2011

silla, cute and luna...it all makes sense

Emma sometimes asks for things with such confidence that it breaks my heart when I have to disappoint her and say "I don't know what you mean". For example, Emma has been pointing to the window sill and saying "silla silla!". But we are not fans of her getting used to sitting on window sills so we just say no and let her cry it out. Today as I was walking out of the house, I look over and see Emma happy as a clam, sitting on the sill with the sitter and I realized that Connie has been letting her use it as her silla and hence her desire to do the same with us.
Another thing Connie does is sings a certain Moon song during nap time. Emma at night cries "luna luna" and I hadn't the slightest clue why she was asking for the moon, but now it all makes sense. And finally, Emma started saying "it's cute" to everything and Ant and I assumed that Connie must have taught her that word. I guess when in doubt blame the sitter.

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