Thursday, March 3, 2011

spring is in the air

Sort of. Yesterday was a glorious day. So sunny, blue skies and I only needed a light coat. Emma wore her cute trench coat I got her at Zara. I got so excited thinking I could start putting away the heavy sweaters and puffy coats and start taking out the dresses and blazers. Alas today I woke up to 20 degree weather. Anyway, it wont stop me from day dreaming of summer dresses and brighter colors. I was at the Gap the other day and found some amazing deals or as Claudia would say, gangis! I found these lovely tops for myself in a lovely peach and mint green. I need to lose about 5 lbs to really rock them as they were final sale, 8 dollars each, and the only size left were Ms. I am sadly a large now but used to be a M in Gap wear. Anyway, I also picked up some really cute things for E including this amazing trench coat. I will photograph these great finds soon, but for now Ill pull the rompers I got her from the web. BTW, I think Emma has now way too many summer dresses.

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