Friday, March 4, 2011

Stockholm syndrome

When I saw this photo I just laughed because it reminds me so much of poor Gato and Emma. They really have a special relationship. She treats him like he is her personal punching bag and he takes it. My friend Claudia pointed out that he must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. I actually believe she has a point. She will use him as her pillow, make him be not only her Bullseye, but the Bullseye for all her stuffed animals. She pulls his tail and paw while laughing this slightly maniacal laugh. One night she opened the door wide enough for him to come in and then closed it but before the door shut she looked up at me and gave me this devilish grin. It pretty much was the closing scene from the movie The Godfather.
Anyway, they are attached at the hip, he never scratches her in fact he always seeks her out. At times I feel they communicate in their own special language. They are buddies and while that makes me happy, I wish she would be more gentle with him.

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