Friday, March 4, 2011

Mickey Mouse cupcakes

trying to be a lady

thinking about it

practicing restraint.

woh, sugar rush!

and there is the girl I know

gotta wash it down.

So this has been a rough week. Not only have I had a few late nights at work, but Emma has been up at ungodly hours and I feel Ive spent most of my mornings disciplining her. I really don't like losing my cool with her, but she is really testing my limits.
Anyway, I saw these cupcakes on a blog and wanted to try them out for Miss E since she is such a Mickey fan. I'd love to go the extra step and buy marzipan bows to turn them into Mini Mouse cupcakes, but I worked with what I had.
She smiled and said "Mickey" when she saw them. She of course dove into the frosting and eventually ate the cake part. It was a great morning actually. She was up at 5 and wrote on the wall again but she was somewhat reserved. And we watched Beauty and the Beast and I was reminded of just how much I love that movie. She really gets into it. She will warn Belle as she enters the forbidden west wing to "be careful". And Clogsworth just cracks her up. At the end when they kiss, she makes a kissing sound and claps. She is full of joy.

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