Tuesday, March 1, 2011

things that make me smile.

Emma's room is coming along, slowly but surly. It has only taken me what, 2 years...I really enjoy hanging out in her room. It has a certain peace to it and I think it transports me back to when I was a little girl. There are several things in her room that I enjoy and I will start featuring them in posts. For today here are four of those items.

I found this perfect branch over a year ago and knew I wanted to use it in her room. At the Renegade Fair I found these test prints from Sycamore Street Press for a dollar each. I am not satisfied with how they are connected but I have plans on how to spruce this up. Just never enough time.

Emma has the sweetest "dolls of the world" collection. You can sort of see Africa and Sweden here. I also love how hyacinths make her room smell.

I love this lamp and will buy the proper shade for it this weekend. I also am so keen on hyacinths this season and I'm using an old Ball jar that was my dad's as a vase.

I found this hand embroidered handkerchief that my grandmother made while I was cleaning out her house last winter. I was so pleasantly surprised to learn that she was a great embroiderer with such attention to detail. Her name was Elsie Emma and I knew this would somehow be displayed in E's room.


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