Tuesday, March 9, 2010

emma at the park


emma in her Richter phase

so nosy!

the hipster family, too kewl for skool

the first signs of spring happened this past weekend and I am so happy to see blue skies once more. On sat we went into the city for some fun window shopping and on Sunday we stayed in the burbs and took Emma to the park. Emma has really taken to wearing her sunglasses. She just loves them. At first she wouldn't let you come near her with them, but somehow I believe that since she sees mommy and daddy wearing glasses all the time, she doesn't want to be left out. She is quite the monkey see, monkey do gal. Every time she sees something new, I can see the cogs in her brain turning, her eyes squinting and every action being chiseled into her memory. At the play ground there was a girl who must have been 7 years old. She was climbing UP the slide and then sliding down on her belly, feet first. Of all the stations on a playground, Emma really liked the slides best. So of course she is mesmerized by what this girl is doing and i see the above mentioned motions happening. Her eyes get smaller, gears are turning and the ahah moment arrives. She then tries the long, windy, tube slide and gets stuck half way down. I film her as she comes through the other end. Then she heads over to the regular slide and what does she do? She tries to walk up. So i oblige her and when we get to the top I turn her over so she can sit and slide down in a proper manner. Of course she does not comply and instead flops on her belly and slides belly side down. She is a punk.

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