Tuesday, March 16, 2010

emma at the park

Emma loves running around and I love how it wipes her out and give me a solid 2 hour nap afterwards. It is such a beautiful day today that I took her to the park today. Spring seems to be here, so fingers crossed this beautiful weather lasts. Emma has a real thing for older boys. She loves boys ages 5-9. She will stare at them and follow them and try to talk to them. Today there was a group of older boys who were chasing each other and Emma felt like jumping in. She was running behind the slowest one and went up to one boy and started "talking" to him. They completely dismissed her and she didn't mind. She seems to be well adjusted and can play alone or with others just fine. She made me smile as she saw a boy playing with chalk. Since Emma is just learning how to hold and use a pen/crayon I thought the idea of writing on the ground would go past her. She took one look at the boy and walked over, bent down, grabbed a piece of chalk and starting doing her chicken scratch.

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