Thursday, March 4, 2010

the girls

the long awaited kiss

we are just chatting here

mom, it's for you

too cool for school

ill have one more beer please!

both her titas

giving tude to the camera

ok we are cutting her off

doing the peepee dance

emma likes to share and then take away her treats with people

sporting her new top , thanks auntis Naz

will someone tell him to be quiet

So Emma finally got to meet her auntie naz and uncle ryan. It was a real delight to watch emma interact with them. She of course was flirting with Ryan, as she tends to gravitate more towards the opposite sex, but she did have fun and finally gave naz the long awaited approval kiss. Emma just loves being the center of attention and being out and about. she actually behaved in the restaurant and we didn't have to pull out Yo Gabba until the end. However skipping naps and meals and being forced to sit in the stroller for extended periods of time made emma cranky. Here are some pics of Girls day out!

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