Wednesday, March 17, 2010

happy St Patrick's day

Emma got started early with the Irish festivities
Exhibit A
exhibit b
exhibit c, restless leaps
dress and pants, Gap
wine stain and tousled hair, the "Irish" in her
Emma is a cutie. I feel she understands more and more each day. I ask her to do something and she does it. Like today, I asked her to please share her treats with Ben and she put her cup out and let him have some. It was so sweet. We went to the park again and had a blast, except at the end when she fell off the bench and landed head first on the concrete . I saw what was happening so went to grab her only to miss by a few inches. I did brush her legs with my hands and I think that with my failed attempt it was still enough to break her fall and not make it as severe as it could have been. She did cry but I feel it was mostly due to my loud " oh my God". She is fine with no visible bumps or bruising and was eating her snacks in less than 20 seconds, but it still breaks your heart when your child gets hurt. She really wants to be a big girl. She sees older kids doing daredevil acts and she thinks she can also do them without getting hurt. She does not like the baby swing at all, which really surprises me, but prefers to ride the big kid swing belly side down of course. She learned that by watching some 5 years old spin on the swings. She is a cutie and I love how she can entertain herself so well. I hope she never looses her happy go luck nature.

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